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Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXI (Live Event Bundle)
Published by American Society for Pharmacy Law

ASPL is a nonprofit professional association for individuals with an interest in legal issues as they pertain to pharmacy, pharmaceuticals and related products and services. The ASPL annual seminar brings together over 300 industry professionals to share the most up-to-date, relevant and practical information on wide-ranging pharmacy law issues.

The seminar will take place from November 5-8, 2020 and provide 15 hours of CLE, ACPE continuing education credits, and 9 hours of HCCA credits.

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Programs Included in this Bundle
  1. Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXI - Day 1
    Topics will include:
    - Lessons learned from COVID-19 from a federal perspective - how will this change pharmacy?
    - Addressing Challenges Posed by A Pandemic (COVID-19) to the Practice of Pharmacy
    - Ethics: A Problem in Pharmacy?

    Schedule: 11/5/2020 1PM CT

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  2. Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXI - Day 2, Room 1
    Topics will include:
    - Wholesale Drug Distribution Legal Update
    - Pharmacy Workplace Conditions and Medication Errors
    - Everything You Always Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask): An Open Discussion on Recent Developments in Controlled Substance Compliance
    - An Update on the Drug Supply Chain Security Act: Implementation Issues & Impact on Pharmacy Practice as We Approach 2023

    Schedule: 11/6/2020 10AM CT

  3. Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXI - Day 2, Room 2
    Topics will include:
    - Topics in Drug Compounding - Here and Abroad
    - Overview of USP Chapters on Compounding and Current Status of FDA’s Guidance and Enforcement Efforts Regarding Compounding
    - The Government Is At Your Door: You Are About To Have A Very Bad, No Good Day

    Schedule: 11/6/2020 11AM CT

  4. Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXI - Day 3
    Topics will include:
    - Bottle of Lies
    - Ethics: African American History and Where We go From Here
    - Case Law Update
    - The History, Development and Future of 503B Outsourcing Facilities

    Schedule: 11/7/2020 10AM CT

  5. Developments in Pharmacy Law Seminar XXXI - Day 4
    Topics will include:
    - Privacy (and Security) Please! Hot Topics in Pharmacy Related to Data Privacy and Security
    - Ethics - Cybersecurity
    - State Statutory and Regulatory Update - Emerging Trends and Hot Topics

    Schedule: 11/8/2020 10AM CT

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